Bringing Fashion Back Into Fashionista on the Run

I love dressing outside of the box and I cannot wait to bring the fashion back into Fashionista on the Run.

Life post college has been crazy and I am just taking advantage of every change that is coming my way. Meeting new people, trying new things and keeping myself out of the box. Post college life is something that you just won’t know about until you actually experience it, but it is so confusing. I’m lost in trying to truly find myself and where I want to be in life. Trying to pay off debt while keeping up with bills and etc.

It was such a gloomy day out, but I had to get some shots of this look. I actually felt more like myself then I have in a while. I think out of all of my friends I have the most eccentric style.


Now about the look. This look was such a last-minute look. I went to the mall to run a few errands and ended up in Forever 21. I saw this skirt in the sale section for $6. YES ! $6. I had to get it and do a look. I thought I could put something together from my closet, which I am sure I couldn’t I decided to get something from Forever 21 and purchased the shirt for $10. I already had the boots and jacket and just threw them on.

I was obsessed with finding a leather jacket and got this jacket from Forever 21 a while back. The boots I got on sale at Express. If you cannot already tell, sale is my best friend.

Be ready because the fashion looks are coming all Summer 18 *in my Drake voice*

As always Style On,



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