Bringing Color To New York City Winter Fashion

As you know, I recently moved to New York City and have been trying to find my style, you can say my voice as well.

Being in a place where I can actually express myself has been nice but challenging. I’m used to having a job with guidelines or restrictions so not having a lot of freedom has been odd, but I am slowly branching out.

Conveniently, achieving this look was done on a budget. All of the stores were having their semi-annual sale.

Urban outfitters had 50% off of sale so I copped this top that I had been eyeing for a while.

The shoes are a staple piece and I purchased them on sale for less than $30 at Urban Outfitters as well.

The jeans, I purchased from Zara’s for $15.99. I’m really experimenting with fitted vs the baggy jean look.

Not sure where my style will go from here but I’m excited to continue experimenting.

Which do you prefer fitted jeans or baggier jeans? What is a winter fashion staple for you?

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One response to “Bringing Color To New York City Winter Fashion”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Loving the jeans girl ?