Benefits of Drinking Kombucha

Honestly, I started drinking kombucha out of trend and I love finding new healthy foods and drinks to incorporate into my health regimen.

Starting off drinking kombucha, the taste was a bit offsetting. Going from rarely drinking kombucha to constantly drinking it helped to become immune to the taste. Over time, I have grown to love the drink and can differentiate different brands.

Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage that contains probiotics to aid in gut and digestive health. It is made of natural ingredients which includes filtered water black tea, green tea and cane sugar. Depending on what flavors you wanted, you would add that flavor in. For example, if you wanted lavender, you can add in lavender plants, or lemon, ginger and etc. 


Since starting my dedicated health journey in February, I began drinking kombucha more regularly, about one a night. I realized how much better my stomach digested food. Especially if I ate red meats or heavier fried foods.

On days when I eat healthier and drink a kombucha I feel lighter then I did without the kombucha. When I don’t have a kombucha at all I can tell a big difference in my digestion. My stomach feels heavier and depending on what I ate it takes longer for food to process.


Kombucha is a great way to detox your body. Especially if you want a quick detox. After having a meal, I like to wait an hour for my food to digest as best as it can on its own. Then I will consume kombucha to aid in further digestion.


I wanted to find a healthier alternative to coffee, I was becoming extremely addicted. Kombucha helped with my energy levels and left me feeling energized, instead of giving me  a buzz that eventually leads to a crash.

Although, I do prefer to drink my kombuchas at night and drink fresh juice for morning energy.

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  1. Christina Walker says:

    I need to start drinking kombucha again 😄

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