Back on my Health Regimen

It took a minute for me to get adjusted to living in New York City and finding my routine.

Now I think I have.

I’m back in the gym which feels so good, my starting weight is 153. My goal is to get down to 130’s range.

Aside from weight, I just want to feel stronger and confident. Often I wear certain outfits, I know I look good but I don’t feel confident.

Lastly, my mental health and self-therapy. Living in New York has had its low moments and I wanted something to clear my head and release stress or anger I may have.

So far getting back into the gym has brought me more clarity, energy and happiness.

It’s something about this time but I definitely feel that fitness will become apart of my life rather then something that’s on my to do list.

Do you eat healthy ish? Is working out apart of your routine? What is apart of your health regimen?


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