August 2017 Goals

It is August! Definitely a month of new beginnings and possibilities. For August, I have so much hope that things will start to turn around for me.

Financial – With my setback from last month that I talked about in my July 2017 Goals Recap, it may take me a bit longer to reach the goal of paying off my last credit card. July taught me that things happen nonexpectantly, instead I will under plan and over deliver.

Health – This month as I move into my new home, I plan to get back to meal prepping. I have been eating complete trash, last night I had tacos and walked with a friend to get a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts, but it was worth it. I am not dieting, but taking back my lifestyle that I had before of eating healthier, working out and getting sleep.

Lifestyle – These next few months as we end the year will be super busy for me. I am relaunching my column in National Millennial Community, which I give advice through storytelling for millennials and Gen-Z. I also have so many plans for my blog and projects I am working on which I will share eventually. I truly feel God working through me to make things happen for me.

I am so hopeful for these next few months and am working to control my next steps and not let outside opinions control it. It can be hard when trying to make moves and everyone has opinions about what, when and how you should be doing it. However, it is important to remember who controls your destiny and that is YOU !


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