2019 Mood

My 2019 vibes have been discipline and consistency.

I have created goals for the past few years, even creating a plan but never executing them fully. I would start but never finish.

Four months in, but I am still talking about this as a reminder to myself to stay disciplined in my goals and consistent with them.

It’s been a process of learning my body physically and mentally. Listening if my body is telling me to stop and keep pushing myself if it’s just me being lazy. Taking walks rather than catching the subway to mentally detox and transition from one task to the next.

Even blogging and working on my freelance projects to show up even when I’m being lazy. However, don’t show up and half a** it.

The results have left me feeling amazing and finally seeing the growth I’ve been looking for. Taking each day one at a time.

Now time for details on this look.

Lately, bodysuits have been my thing, but I am not in Florida anymore so I had to pair this look with a jacket.

I saw this over sized jacket and fell in love, the moment I put it on the next person that saw me said I had to buy it so I did. I am still exploring my fashion style and experimenting with my look.

These jeans have become my favorite pair, they are so comfortable and east to move around in.

I paired it with my ankle boots that give me the put together look.

What has your 2019 vibes been?


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