3 Tips to Get Inspired When Feeling Uninspired

For some months now, I have felt uninspired. I try to do reflections on myself and access what was missing, but I couldn’t figure it out. I was feeling, emotionally, physically and mentally drained. Recently, I reconnected with a friend and everything just started falling into place. I began to be inspired again to do more and want more for myself.

Here are the three tips that led me back to being inspired again.

  1. Get rid of non-progressing friendships – As much as it sucks to lose friends, sometimes its needed for growth. The social media accounts I follow have been overwhelming with people who express quotes about growth and moving forward. I did an assessment of my friends and who I have around me and realized the people that I needed to remove from my life. I slowly began distancing myself from friends that I felt like I poured more into them, then I did myself. I’m not saying it is going to be easy, but it is needed.
  2. Take a mental day – Mental health has always been a big topic, but lately it has become a trending topic and is everywhere. I love to use Saturday nights or Sundays as a self-love day. Devoting time to meditation to start off the session. I think meditation helps to slow down my brain and clear my head of everything I may be thinking. Light my candles, put on some soothing music to set the tone. My favorite thing to do is take a bubble bath and do a face mask afterwards. Afterwards I feel refreshed and relaxed to be calm about certain things. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb for no interruptions.
  3. Find Inspiration – Instead of looking at social influencers and growing envy, I grow an inspiration to go after the things I want to accomplish in life. Aside from social influencers I like to listen to podcasts related to business, mental health,, news or faith-based. Another way for me to grow inspiration is writing a list. I love writing a list with things I need to do or want to accomplish and work on figuring out how to accomplish it. Once I establish the plan and start it, it gets me inspired to move forward especially after I accomplish goals little by little.

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