3 Things I learned this summer

With each season I feel that there is something gained. Whether that is taken in the literal meaning of seasons or the season you are going through with Christ. Summer, I feel like is more the start of a new year to me then New Year’s. This summer I made so many transitions, grew in so many ways and left a few things behind this summer.

  1. Moving into a new apartment. I moved once again into a new apartment. Last minute decisions caused me to stay in my college town and pursue some projects that will grow into my brand. I do feel that me leaving was so last minute planned and there were a few things I didn’t plan out fully. I decided to take this year to grind and really work on my brand and plan my next moves wisely. There are so many goals I want to week as I talked about in August 2017 Goals. One goals being to pay off some of my debt such as credit card and get a handle on my loans. As much as it sucks, money can be the route of all evil and can be a major stress. I am not planning on staying here another year, but doing the best I can to take my next steps of adulthood.
  2. Leaving friends behind to grow. I have had a desperate desire to really start growing in my life and I have noticed that with the few people I have cut out of my life that, you really do need to let certain people go in order to advance in life. I have seen tremendous growth with the few people that have been removed already and some of them were removed this summer. I prayed and asked God to open my eyes to the people around me and take away anyone that didn’t need to be in my life for this next place he was taking me. I prayed that he would watch over them and guide them to the path he saw best fit and continue leading them to greatness, while I go on to my form of it.
  3. Going beyond my comfort zone. I have had so many goals that I want to accomplish that make me nervous, afraid and give me self doubt. However, I have listened to a few encouraging podcasts and feel so moved to try and accomplish the goals I have in mind and if I fail it will make some heck of a story one day, but if I accomplish it, I will just have to ask myself why I didn’t start sooner.

What were some things you learned this summer ?


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