28 Day Raw Vegan Challenge | What I Eat In A Day

Hi Guys,

I wanted to switch it up this week and share with you a What I Eat In A Day on my Raw Vegan Challenge.

I have been obsessed with these type of videos. I went for a YouTube rabbit hole watching many of them.

If you missed it, I am doing a 28 Day Raw Vegan Challenge for the month of February, learn more here.

I started off my morning at the gym, I left the gym it was beautiful outside so I decided to walk home. I passed a health grocery store on my way home and got an acai bowl for breakfast.

Today was a deep cleaning day so I spent most of the day home and have been having a lot of cravings, snacking on cashews, peanuts and bananas.

For lunch, I had my salad boats with radishes, peppers and tomatoes. I like to have a Larabar as my dessert/snack. It helps to curve my sweet tooth craving and is completely vegan.

After lunch, I ended up snacking on more nuts.

For dinner, I decided to have a salad, I have been obsessed with salads but try to keep it engaging by cooking with color. I mixed in a Trader Joe’s salad mix, romaine hearts, tomatoes, avocados and apples for crunch. For some reason, I keep eating oranges with my dinner.

In the video, I do show my macros via MyFitnessPal, which I have to admit were horrible. The next day, I ate much better but that time of the month had me craving everything.

Did you enjoy this raw vegan what I eat in a day? Would you try one meal a day raw vegan?

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