28 Day Raw Vegan Challenge | Week 1 Meal Prep + Update

Raw Vegan Cleanse

A blogger I follow, Ronicha from The Hero Is Within, posted that she did a 28-day Raw Vegan Challenge.

I read her blog and was fascinated. She ate fresh fruits and veggies for 28 days. Nothing was cooked, everything remained in its natural state, raw. I thought, “that takes discipline to endure.” She then shared that she wanted to create a 15-day challenge for others to join in along with her. I decided to try out her challenge but decided to endure a full 28 days.


Before the challenge began she created a Facebook group for participants and shared a guide on ideas of meals to prepare, providing recipes and what to buy.

She also provided things we should avoid and why. Even if you decide not to do that challenge, it is good to learn  toxic ingredients that are in foods, especially when it claims to be healthy.

Aside from food, I hadn’t even realized that some of the supplements I was taking were toxic. I began to clean out my pantry. Using up the last bit of products I had. As well as beginning to find other supplement brand replacements.

Week 1 Update

Prior to the cleanse my diet consisted of chicken breasts and turkey for protein as well as protein shakes, very minimal red meats. I tried to consume  fruits and vegetables in season. I personally don’t drink soda, on rare occasions I will have a ginger ale and I don’t intake a lot of bread or complex carbs such as pasta. My diet was fairly healthy in my opinion.

For the cleanse, I began utilizing her guide to come up with recipes I could make. Pinterest was my main go to for ideas outside of her guide.

To keep me full throughout the day I tried to eat nuts with every meal. I made a Twitter post about working on getting my body fat percentage down and Ronicha suggested that I cut back on my nut intake. Yes nuts are healthy but they are a healthy fat and too much can be bad. I’m going to slowly cut back over the next few weeks to only two meals and work my way to just one meal a day.

As you can see from the pictures above,  I have celery juice with fruit and almonds for breakfast. I drink hot water with lemon and peppermint tea. My lunch is raw collard green wraps with peppers, tomatos and carrots. I pair it with bananas walnuts and of course water and tea. If I get hungry while I am at home between lunch and dinner,  I make fresh guacamole with carrots. If I’m out and about I keep nuts on hand. For dinner, I made salad using arugula base with pecans, apples, tomatos and an orange on the side.

The fruit helps to cure my sweet tooth, I honestly haven’t craved anything sweet, my only problem is making sure I stay full throughout the day. I get full but it doesn’t feel the same as eating cooked meals or meat. It’s hard to explain. I feel lighter but full at the same time. On days when I’m home, I want to eat more even if I am not necessarily hungry, so I try to combat that by being productive while drinking tea and water.


Temptations did strike and it struck often. At my internship because we were preparing for NYFW, the office ordered pizza the day before. I came in the next day and there was plenty of left over boxes. I would’ve definitely grabbed a slice of pizza even if I had brought my lunch because its free. With this New Health Regimen, my mindset has been more disciplined and focus. I re-framed from engaging in the pizza, while sitting right next to the boxes.

Over the weekend, I went to a BBQ spot, luckily I prepared my lunch, but the place we went to had $2 mimosas which I would definitely taken part in because of it being so affordable. It is hard, but the reminder of the feeling of regret and sadness after eating things I know I shouldn’t help me to reframe from engaging and remain disciplined. 


So far, I’ve noticed the most changes in my digestion, which has gotten so much better. I would drink kombucha drinks or lemon ginger tea after eating certain foods or when I felt my stomach having a tough time trying to process certain food. Now I don’t really have an urge to drink kombucha. I did have most of my digestion problems when I had red meat or greasy/fried foods. I’m not sure if meat was to blame since I don’t really eat a lot of red meats.

It has been refreshing not having to deal with this but confusing because I am so used to expecting the stuffed full feeling or to have digestion issues. Now I am reteaching my brain to know what the new feeling of full feels like to meet. I am not reframing myself from eating certain foods but just remaining more conscious about what I consume.


I am still working out everyday which includes me doing cardio and lifting weights. I never feel nauseous or anything and I haven’t experienced any headaches. The only thing I’ve experienced is the need to eat more veggies and fruits. My fitness goal for February is to focus on muscle isolation. My left side is weaker then my right so I want to work on increasing my strength overall. As well as getting that booty up…I feel like this is every girl’s focus.

The below information may be TMI. So if you wish you can skip to the end.

I am not pooping as much as I thought I would. When the urge does come, I am usually in uncomfortable places such as the gym or out and about I don’t. However, when I am more comfortable I do not have any urge. My mom makes teas and has one that is good for detoxing/laxative that I want to do. I think I’m going to wait until the cleanse is over to see how it naturally effects my body.

Restart Here.

Week one is done ✅ now 3 more weeks to go.

Do you all have questions about the raw vegan cleanse? What updates would you like for next week? If you’ve done a cleanse drop tips or give a positive message below.

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