Stripes, Lace and Everything In Between


Summer is upon us and the style is on. This is actually a look that I shot with my friend Melanie (photographer)  and Nicole (model) a year ago. I pulled the pictures from my file and fell in love with this shoot all over again. I love driving to Jacksonville from Gainesville and always passed this area. I always wanted to do a shoot over here, so figured it would be a great place. Finally got my friends on board and made it happen.

I haven’t been as consistently inspired with my blog as I thought. I have had challenges with trying to keep up with my side hustles and my 9-5 job. My car working and then not working and making it work with others schedules. Seeing this look brought back so much inspiration, but lack of resources to make it happen, a car. I will not let this stop me and continue to pursue my goal of building my blog through it all.

Now, about the look. I love this look because it is a fun mix of patterns, between stripes, lace and floral. It goes against all style rules that society puts into place. Depending on the destiny you can either add the olive jacket or go without it. Coming up on summer it wouldn’t hurt to go without.


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